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Boomerang is the home of Connecta Ways, Million Ways To Win, and Boom Bet.



About Us

Boomerang was founded in 2018 by industry veterans with decades of combined experience in land based and online game design and development.


Veterans by experience, but youthful in our outlook. We layer modern vibes over a simple premise to provide slot games as solid as they were back in the day. 

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Crystal Wolf

Lightning Chase

An unearthly howl pierces the stillness of the night…


You awaken to find yourself in a place that seems enhanced beyond reality. An envelope of auroras, ghostly mists and interstellar flares wash the landscape in a lurid, almost psychedelic glow. Infinity feels tangible – like a living presence teasing at your fingertips. Suddenly your eyes are fixed by a creature of immense power and light. His piercing eyes reach into the depths of your own and in that moment you realise you are no longer yourself.

You have become the Crystal Wolf! 


Unlock WINS that mount up and UP with Collect Multiplier up to 5X


We’ve got you covered!

Your one stop for all product lifecycle needs in gaming development from storyboards to the final licensed product; game math, software and full art packages.


We partner with a wide range of gaming developers, suppliers and operators who license our games and expertise across a variety of platforms and technologies. 


Specialising in software and math; slots, scratch and jackpot products with a focus on geographical nuances, Boomerang have provided software packages to licensed and regulated markets in since 2018 with a growing catalogue of games that have a proven track record of performance.

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